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u boat capsule replica

Watch a long history there, talking about the many senior brand watches always endless process or classical aesthetics. However, many also have a kid younger brand of courage, U-Boat Capsule Replica stressed that the burden is not created, no limitations, no self-handicapping. Indeed, both in the field of self-movement style or shape, and U-Boat Capsule Replica have performed commendable. The most unusual is playing classic design, U-Boat Capsule Replica, no less, Les Classiques series on the use of creative and elegant, with classic elements to create among the young, U-Boat Capsule Replica classic.

Long history of the brand when you want to create "classic" watches, it is easy to post from the past antique style capture elements, the young brand idea must also put in some effort. U-Boat Capsule Replica very clever way, simply to watch the classic series of looks into the Les Classiques, the use of round case and round bezel special arc, creating a strong nostalgic feelings. The nostalgic element in modern eyes to see, is a natural classic elegance. Case style set the tone, in the face plate configuration to meet some of the classic theme, take the simple route, the integration of the brand spirit and classic just right.

In fact, the "simple" two words ring especially popular in the watch, but to really implement it is not easy. Les Classiques classic moon phase chronograph series has a number of complex performance, including chronograph, calendar, moon phase and 24-hour time display 7-8 shows how to do the test with the display of the minimalist aesthetic of the watch factory original view . U-Boat Capsule Watch Replica practice is 30 minutes and 12 hours a week with each plate when the plot / month and moon phase, a small dial at nine o'clock 24-hour time display, and arrange the date set in the outer face plate, save the small display panel occupy space so as to enable the face plate looks more neat; In addition, thin rod-type timescale and visual indicators also play a "clean" effect.

Les Classiques elegant series of moon phase watch, stainless steel case, the table diameter 41 mm, hours, minutes, date. Week, month, moon phase, 24-hour display, ML154 hand winding movement, power reserve 48 hours, water resistant to 30 meters, crocodile leather strap with folding buckle.

Les Classiques classic moon phase chronograph series equipped ML 154 automatic winding movement, balance wheel vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, power reserve 48 hours, the movement is decorated with circular patterns, snail pattern and Côtes de Genève and rhodium-plated processing, one to strengthen the protection, and second, low-key light gray color, it seems more texture.

U-Boat Capsule 50 Replica moon phase tables often people have amazing feeling, this is not an accident, there are aesthetic awareness, and courage to break the original natural can not clear the configuration phase of the moon, to become the visual center of gravity lift. Les Classiques Classic Series Power Reserve watch gives the same feeling, the original power reserve display can also be.

Les Classiques Classic Series Power Reserve watch, stainless steel case, the table diameter 40 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve display, ML109 hand winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, water resistant to 30 meters, crocodile leather strap.

General watches power reserve display, whether in 3,4 or 9 o'clock position, the display panel is usually higher than the design phase of the moon has a low profile. The reason is simple, focus on practical power reserve display, the display panel with a pointer addition to changes in the form of very small. Les Classiques Classic Series Power Reserve watch the show moved to the 12 o'clock direction of the kinetic energy, the curvature of the display window even widened to 120 degrees, so the power reserve display is very eye-catching. 6 o'clock position of the independent second hand to play the visual balance results, with gold colored hour markers and hands, and silver face plate, revealing the deep natural fashion sense. In addition to styling and creative face plate configuration, the polishing is the key to judge the value of watches, U-Boat Capsule Replica slightest details of these are not overlooked. Take the time scale for the thin rod, the smallest rectangular section area of ​​less than 0.01 square millimeters, but careful observation will be found through a magnifying glass, polished and detailed textures, as seen on replica watches side of the strict quality requirements critical.